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  • Linda Lauro-Lazin

Floating Grace, Ritual Performance

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Floating Grace is a new work I created for Art Off-Screen, international an exhibition organized by Eileen Jeng Lynch

During the ritual performance on September 26th, I released 28 lanterns on the Wallkill River from a canoe in Rifton, NY. There is one lantern for each of the 28 weeks since New York State has been on “pause”. Link here to the facebook live recording of Floating Grace.

People from around the world have been participating by writing 3-5 sentences about their experiences during this time. I am a conduit

for their experiences and words, writing each person's offering on the base of a lanterns.

The local neighbors were able to see the lanterns float down the river. The Wallkill is a tributary of the Hudson River which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The waterways connect us.

The lanterns were gathered up after the performance.

They are for sale. (Sliding scale with a suggested price $200)

All profits from the sale of the lanterns will be donated to three groups (local, regional and national):


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