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  • Linda Lauro-Lazin

Wave Hill Winter Workspace Residency

Last year, I was nominated to apply to the Wave Hill Winter Workspace Residency and I was selected for the first session in 2020. I haven't had an artist's residency in many, many years and it is like a refreshing drink. The environment is inspiring. I am able to be clear and precise with a project that I began 7 years ago. I am grateful for this treasure.

Stay tuned for more details and come visit me if you can during the Open Studios on February 15th.

Here is Wave Hill's brief synopsis of my practice and goals for the residency:

"Linda Lauro-Lazin is an artist and a technologist exploring intersections of digital mark-making, abstraction, and how the landscape is rendered through images, paintings, and memory. Through an intuitive process of digital manipulation, Lauro-Lazin reconstructs and reconfigures satellite imagery of far off landscapes to further complicate the relationship between technology, access, and nature. Within these synthetic landscapes, glitches appear like fissures in the Earth, and generative algorithms take the form of floral blooms. 

During her residency, Lauro-Lazin will be working on a project examining the ephemeral nature of certain night-blooming flowers. Through a digital lens, Lauro-Lazin will take stock in how the sensorial aspects of these flower’s life cycle overlaps and becomes interwoven with the psychic, physical, and spiritual lives of people."


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